Advertising & Sifting

£500.00 (plus VAT)

The advertising and sifting service we offer allows you to simply send us the job advert and a few extra details around the type of candidate your wish to take on. In addition to finding CV's we also will sift through the candidates to remove any candidates that don't match your initial specification.

We have accounts with many of the top job boards in the UK e.g. Total Jobs, Indeed, Tip Top Jobs, UK Jobs, UK Staff Search and many more

You upload your job advert & criteria

You upload your job advert and your minimum criteria e.g. qualifications, experience etc

Checking the advert

We ask our HR Professionals to check that it is legal i.e. no discriminatory language or criteria.

Basic Research

We’ll then check other adverts that you are going to be competing against, and if needed, feedback proposed changes to the job or advert.

Post the Job

We’ll then post your job advert on over 30 job boards for 28 days

CV Assessment

As CV’s filter through we will assess each applicant against your criteria.

CV Feedback

Any successful CV’s will be forwarded to you.
Any rejection applicants will be informed by your Recruit Mate Support contact.

Assess the Advert

Half way through the campaign we will assess the success of your advert by reviewing the total views to date against how many applications you have received. This gives us both an opportunity to review and amend the advert if required.

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