About Recruit Mate

How we started

We are a flat fee recruitment specialist based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, and we have been helping our clients find their new employees for many years. Before we launched the business we asked many of our contacts why they didn't just recruit their own employees rather than using a recruitment agency. Often we would hear:

  • We’re out of touch with the going rate for the job
  • We wouldn’t know where to advertise
  • It’s expensive even to post on one job board
  • I haven’t the time to sift through all the CV’s
  • So, we developed our services around the barriers.

    We wanted to offer an affordable yet simple alternative to traditional recruitment by taking the hassle out of advertising jobs and trawling through hundreds of CV’s and make it easy for our clients. so now we can advertise your vacancy on the top job boards, sift through the pile of CV's and then liaise with the candidates to arrange the interviews. However, before we start any project, we will always carry out some research to see what other companies are offering for the same role, ensuring what you are offering is competitive

    • We make recruitment simple
    • We make recruitment affordable
    • We make recruitment a success
    • We support you through the process
    • You can pick and choose the level of support you need

    Why we do it?

    There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding then telephoning an applicant to tell them that the job is theirs, or being told by a client that they have filled the vacancy. We’re passionate about what we do and we simply love helping businesses, that’s what we have always done!

    If we can provide a solution that is extremely cost effective, provides someone with a new career, and leads to a client coming back to work with us over and over again, why wouldn’t we keep doing it?

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